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About the author

Mayra Araujo is Cuban American YA Fiction writer. She lived in Miami, Fl for many years. Creativity has always been a part of her being. She enjoys painting and drawing as well as creating wonderful fictional characters that everyone is sure to love. God and family are at the center of all she does and she credits them with all blessings and success that comes her way. Today she lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two young adult children. She is the author of the Young Adult fiction book The Escape Artist and the children’s book Brave like Betsy. She is currently waiting for the release of her YA adult fiction book Flight 774 sch eduled to be released in the fall of 2021. Her new fiction book A heart for Gracie is scheduled to be release in 2022. She is currently working on her 4th fiction book.

The Escape Artist


When eight-year-old Anna finally convinced her mother to adopt a cat, she had no idea how all their lives were about to change. After the events of a Halloween night gone horribly wrong, her teenage brother and friends find themselves at the center of a mystery that could endanger all their lives. A teenage boy is the focal point of a conspiracy still very much unknown. Not knowing anything about his past or even where he is from, he must learn to control himself, his emotions, and his cool in a completely unfamiliar setting and with a new home and family. Through many trials and tribulations, with his life in danger at every turn, and being the target of the school bully, he learns to love and to appreciate the gift of family and friends. Join Kevin and his friends in this story of friendship, courage, and adventure—a story that’s sure to please readers of all ages.


Other Books

The Little Sea Star


Two completely different worlds brought together by supernatural forces are intertwined in this coming-of-age love story between two young people. It’s the year 2140 and the world is a different place from the one we know. Due to deforestation and ecological abuse, most animal species are extinct and something as small as a piece of paper is a thing of the past. The mother of Luke, a 17-year-old boy, is taking company flight to New York City when the aircraft she is in vanishes in mid-air; she is believed to be dead. Soon after her funeral, Luke receives a strange message from his mother in the middle of the night. The hope that his mother may be alive and his need to locate her takes him and his best friend on an unbelievable journey.

Brave Like Betsy

Betsy is a little squirrel that feels different and Insecure of her looks. She is terrified of heights so she can’t climb trees. She gets bullied and made fun off by the other squirrels, but makes unlikely friends of other forest creatures. Through this very sweet and imaginative story she is force to face her fears. In the process she learns to believe in herself, discover her inner strength and accept herself for who she is. Uniquely made and just as valuable as everyone else. She learns that it is not the way we look that defines us. Even though we are of different shapes colors and sizes we can all accomplish great things if persevere and believe in oneself. A unique and inspirational tale of courage and self discovery.

COMING SOON:  A heart for Gracie

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